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Bed-car for children up to 12 years.                                                                    Spectacular BED CAR it's a dream of every young race car driver. Especially with such a cool design and cool features that turn a simple piece of furniture into a great realistic toy! The CAR BED frame is made of class 0.5 chipboard, and the expressive 3D forms of the model are embodied through molded plastic. The bumper and high sides of the BED are decorated with stylish stickers protected from abrasion by lamination. For lifting the orthopedic mattress. Orthopedic Mattress fabric - FLOK - Alcantara (two longitudinal strips are sewn into the entire length of the berth, covered with Alcantara fabric) The design of the model is not only relevant but also safe: streamlined shapes, protected by soft edging edges. Enclosed by PVC edges, structural elements eliminate the presence of an unpleasant factory odor. Under the mattress is a two-compartment box, where it is convenient to store bedding and toys. The bed is complemented by interesting options: LED lights for the bottom and LED HEADLIGHTS, Soft Rear Spoiler, WITH INSTALLED WHEELS.Volumetric 3D bed-car series NEO awarded the diploma of the BEST MODEL 2019 Dimensions: 192cm / 98cm / 56cm. - 75/ 38.5/ 22 INCH Mattress dimensions: 180 x 80 cm. - 70.5 x 31.5 INCH Includes double-layer orthopedic mattress, with standard non-waterproof upholstery. The basis for the mattress - solid plate chipboard. Mattress lifting mechanism. Two spacious linen drawers. Static wheels in color beds. Maximum load weight - 220 kg - 485 Pound .

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