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Bed-car for children up to 12 years.

This cool BED CAR  is specially designed for the young rider: the body of spectacular color. Stylish prints on the “bumper” and sides are protected from abrasion by matte lamination. To make this model even more realistic, we developed a number of cool options for it to choose from. The headlight illumination is controlled by the sensor, the multi-mode bottom illumination on the control panel creates the atmosphere. A padded rear spoiler gives the BED  an even more impressive look, your little street-racer will feel more confident and better!

This BED CAR  is not only beautiful but also safe: rounded shapes and protected edges with soft edging protect the baby from bruises during active games. The bed is equipped with an orthopedic mattress with a lifting mechanism, under which is a spacious storage box.

Mattress - modern artificial suede fabric (30% cotton, 70% polyester); - impermeable, easy to clean, patented material from the Spanish manufacturer; “Sport-Alcantara” - upholstery made of Alcantara material of unusual design (two longitudinal strips of contrasting color material are sewn into the fabric of the upholstery, making the mattress even more impressive .

The bed is complemented by interesting options: LED lights for the bottom and LED HEADLIGHTS, Soft Rear Spoiler, 

Includes double-layer orthopedic mattress, with standard non-waterproof upholstery

Volumetric 3D bed-car series UNO awarded the diploma of the BEST MODEL 2019

Dimensions: (D / W / H) 196 cm / 80 cm / 56 cm.-   77 / 31 / 22 INCH .

Mattress dimensions: 182.5 x 76 cm -  71.5 X 30 INCH .

Includes double-layer orthopedic mattress, with standard non-waterproof upholstery

The lifting mechanism, a linen box - 0.3 m3.

Maximum load weight - 220 kg. -  485 POUNDS .

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