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Mercedes MB-G65-SX1888-red

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LICENSED Electric RIDE ON CAR Mercedes -Benz G63AMG Exclusive 2019 Model 6 Power Rubber Wheels


Item # MB-G65-SX1888-red
Dimensions (L/W/H) 57x27x19
Weight 66 lbs
MSRP $980.00
Brand Mercedes G65 AMG



Mercedes -Benz G63AMG Exclusive  NEW 2019 LICENSED Electric  RIDE ON CAR , 6 Power Rubber  Wheels with 6 Motors  . Now PARENTS and KIDS drive Together with Extra Pedal ,Rear Seat for Adult, NEW Generation 2.4 G Remote Control with BRAKE Button ,  Leather Seats .MP3,USB, SD player .


Mercedes -Benz G63AMG Exclusive  2019 Model Present The most Spectacular

 lunatic Six-Wheel Drive  .  It won't just be the most extreme Ride On Car  in the Benz stable, but it will also be one of the most exclusive Model Of  2019 Powerful Performance .  

One button assembling for the wheel. Front seat is adjustable  ,Rear trunk can be turned over as parent's seat , Finally, the parents can also take part in the game. Also  can be open as the storage or carry another kid with foot rest ,  Has Two pedal ,one for kid ,one for parent , Two doors can be open , Front seat is adjustable, leather seat with five point self belt. Rubber wheels with LED LIGHT  . Mp3 player,  Headlights and Taillights, Removable battery can be taken out for charging. Six driving motors Two batteries 12v,10AH each(24Volt Total) .

 Bottom Steel Support .Bottom Wire Protective Board ,With ABS Materials, More Thick and Weight ,More Delicate. NEW Generation 2.4 G Remote Control with BRAKE Button ,  Leather Seats .MP3,USB, SD player .

  • Two Pedals One for Kid one for Parent Now you can Control the car Together With front and rear LED lights
  • Music Effects . NEW Generation 2.4 G Remote Control with BRAKE Button , Leather Seats .MP3,USB, SD player
  • Front Leather Seat is Adjustable for more Comfort Rubber Wheels Will Make a Child's Trip Enjoyable Without Noise
  • 3 Removable Battery Box 2.4G four way New Generation Remote Control with Stop Button
  • LED Light inside of the Wheels Multifunctional Steering Wheel
  • Parents will be able to press and Stop the car from long Distance
  • Six-Wheels SUV Ride On Car The Most Expensive Model Of 2019
  • First New Big Parent-Child Car , Power Wheels Boys and Girls
  • Two batteries 12v,10AH each(24Volt Total) .Suitable Age 2-8 Years Old .
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