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Kids 12V Aprilia Motorcycle 1 Seater Ride-On

by Freddo
SKU FR6200-White
Color: White

The 12V Aprilia Motorcycle 1 Seater Ride-on is an exciting, feature-packed electric motorcycle for young riders aged 3 to 8. Here's a comprehensive overview of this junior joyride: Key Features:

  • 12V battery power with 2x 30W motors
  • Maximum speed of 2 mph for safety
  • 66 lbs weight capacity
  • PP (polypropylene) seat with seatbelt for comfort and security
  • LED lights for visibility and fun
  • EVA tires for a smooth, quiet ride
  • MP3, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity for entertainment
  • Built-in speakers

Safety and Design:
The Aprilia Motorcycle Ride-on prioritizes safety with its moderate top speed and sturdy construction. The PP seat material is durable and easy to clean, while the included seatbelt ensures your child stays secure during rides. The EVA tires provide good traction and contribute to a comfortable riding experience.                                       Entertainment Features:
Young riders will enjoy the various entertainment options. The motorcycle comes equipped with LED lights, adding a fun visual element to the ride. The built-in audio system supports MP3 playback, USB input, and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing children to listen to their favorite music or stories while cruising.                                       Performance and Usage:
Powered by a 12V 4.5AH battery, this ride-on offers an operation time of 60 to 120 minutes per charge. The charging time is between 8 to 12 hours, so it's best to charge overnight for the next day's adventures. With two 30W motors, the motorcycle provides enough power for a fun ride while maintaining a safe speed.                                                Size and Portability:
The product dimensions are 42.5" x 19.3" x 29.5", and it weighs 10 lbs, making it a manageable size for most outdoor spaces. The compact design also makes it relatively easy to store or transport when needed.                                                                            Warranty and Support:
MiniMotoToys offers a 6-month warranty on parts (excluding batteries, tires, and chargers) and provides lifetime customer service, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

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